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Bakery Hill Classic Single Malt

  • Colour: Light translucent gold.
  • Nose: A complex sweet multi layering of green apples, spiced honey with just a hint of cider.
  • Palate: The flavour ramps up kaleidoscopically from nutmeg through spiced honey to a firm cereal with heaps of malty richness layered on as a finale.
  • Finish: Mouth filling, smooth and lingering, leaving a satisfying glow of inner warmth. Inspection of the glass reveal amazingly long luscious clinging beads of this superb malt whisky.
  • 500ml – approx 46% abv.
AUD$125.00 per bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Peated Malt

  • Colour: Rich gold russet of evening sunset.
  • Nose: A rich subdued peat aroma combined with a natural leathery earthiness with overtones of kumquat and fruit mince tart. Sweet but not sickly.
  • Palate: The palette reveals a tobacco leaf earthiness with layer upon layer of complex smoky peat that lingers on the lips and palette demanding just one more sip.
  • Finish: Astonishingly long and complex, an exotic mix of experiences.
  • 500ml – approx 46% abv.
AUD$125.00 per bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Double Wood Malt

  • Colour: A rich burnished bronze.
  • Nose: The nose opens with the slightest hint of apricot, coconut and plum and then reveals an intermingling of golden syrup, plum pudding all wrapped in the spicy hint of cloves.
  • Palate: Subdued, mouth filling with orange marmalade overtones with the characteristic rich nougat sweetness and well balanced oak.
  • Finish: Rounded, well finished, lingering to the very end.
  • 500ml – approx 46% abv.
AUD$130.00 per bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Cask Strength Classic Single Malt

  • Colour: Rich amber gold.
  • Nose: An intensely sweet satin smooth malt with overtones of vanilla, almond meal, sweet Jaffa orange all intermingled with rich dark chocolate.
  • Palate: The pallet is recognisant of spiced orange Turkish Delight with a fresh mouth cleansing zestyness all intermingled with fresh malty cereal and chunky oak. Rich and sweet but not clawing. A brilliant balance of sensations..
  • Finish: The finish is deep and enveloping with lingering malt richness.
  • 500ml – approx 60% abv.
AUD$160.50 per bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Cask Strength Peated Malt

  • Colour: Golden cedar.
  • Nose: Intense peat without being “over the top”. This expression is rich with crisp salt with over tones of dark cherry natural rich earthiness. Complex but delicate a well balanced single malt.
  • Palate: A cascading experience of flavour explosions, toffee, honeycomb, rich malt, gently warming with a suggestion of peat saltiness.
  • Finish: Immensely satisfying, well rounded and lingering. A mouth filling sensation, that remains long after the dram has departed.
  • 500ml – approx 60% abv.
AUD$160.50 per bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill first release pre-production limited edition bottling

 A cleanup in the distillery recently discovered a stash of our very first trial bottling.
This expression was bottled exclusively for the initial unveiling of the Bakery Hill at the Australian Malt Whisky Societies inaugural convention 2004 in Canberra.
All expressions, Classic, Double Wood and Peated are available but bottled at 40% abv.
This release features the first draft copy of our distinctive label; quite different but you can see how the current label evolved.
This expression is a real collectors item.
Each bottle is housed in an authentic Baltic Pine presentation case.
$460 per bottle and strictly one bottle of each expression per order.

AUD$460.00 per per bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Wood Presentation Box

A beautiful and exclusive Bakery Hill designed real wood presentation box for the perfect gift of Bakery Hill whisky! AUD$25.00 per box plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Miniature Range

50ml Glass miniatures of each of our 46% single malts.

AUD$39.50 per set of 3 plus post and packaging.*

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Bakery Hill Whisky Glasses

These limited addition, special release whisky glasses are perfect for enjoying your Bakery Hill single malt or in fact any other whisky you may have on hand at the time. Emblazoned with the Bakery Hill logo these glasses are perfect at home or as a gift.

AUD$25.00 per pack of 2 plus post and packaging.*

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Oxford Scholar Gin

Craft distilled at Bakery Hill, Oxford Scholar Gin is perfect for the long balmy days of the Australian summer. Drink by itself or with a mixer, Oxford Scholar’s citrus notes hit the spot every time. Oxford Scholar gin is just perfect for creating your favourite Martini.

AUD$80.00 per 500ml bottle plus post and packaging.*

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Whisky Appreciation Course Gift Certificate

The perfect gift for the budding or experienced whiskey connoisseur. This gift certificate entitles the bearer to attend all four weeks of our whiskey appreciation course/master class, led by none other than Bakery Hill's very own David Baker.

When buying these certificates online, please let us know in the Order Notes section of the check out, who the gift certificate is for and make sure to leave contact details so that we can help find the best time for the lucky owner of this certificate to join us!

The course will be conducted on Wednesday evening's and commence at 6.30pm.

It is expected the sessions will last approx 2 hours.

Week 1: Whiskies - blended, vatted and single malts.
What is the difference?
Week 2: Whisky regions of Scotland.
Highlands, Lowlands, the Islands and Speyside malts
Week 3: Whiskies of the world.
Malts from Scotland, Sweden, America, Japan and Australia.
Week 4: Bakery Hill Single Malts
The ulitmate tour: sipping our way through all our unique malts.

The sessions will be held at:

Jimmy Watsons
333 Lygon St

Four Week sessions: $200. Shipping of coupons is free, but as our online storefront will not allow us to display free shipping, the system will automatically add $15 shipping to the item to make for a total of $200 when you go ahead with your order on the website.

Come along, the sessions are heaps of fun not to mention you will be trying some great malts.

AUD$200.00 per for 4 weeks plus post and packaging.*

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