We are now selling whisky appreciation course gift certificates online! 

There is a whole world of excitement waiting to be discovered and why not let David Baker from Bakery Hill gently guide you through the often confusing aspects of whisky appreciation.

The course will be conducted on Wednesday  evening's and commence at 6.30pm.
It is expected the sessions will last approx 2 hours.
Week 1:   Whiskies - blended, vatted and single malts.
                What is the difference?
Week 2:   Whisky regions of Scotland.
                    Highlands, Lowlands, the Islands and                                             Speyside  malts
Week 3:   Whiskies of the world.
                Malts from Scotland, Sweden, America,                             Japan and Australia.
Week 4:   Bakery Hill Single Malts
                The ulitmate tour:  sipping our way through                       all our unique malts.                                    

The sessions will be held at:  
                    Jimmy Watsons
                    333 Lygon St

Four Week  sessions:                                 $200
Individual sessions if spaces permit:       $60

For more information and bookings phone 0408 705 770
or use the "contact" page of the web site to leave your name and contact details.

Bookings are now open.

Come along, the sessions are heaps of fun not to mention you will be trying some great malts.